Empowering Young Digital Citizens

A course for parents, educators and youth workers to help empower others

Welcome to our Empowering Young Digital Citizens course.

If you are here it means you are invested in children and young people's online lives, and we're delighted to see you.

We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to Commsec for their ongoing support in helping us bring this course to you.

CyberSafeKids Ireland's online safety charity, working tirelessly to to make online safer for children and children safer online. Set up in 2015, we help children, teachers and parents navigate the online world in a safe and responsible way. To date, we have spoken directly to over 55,000 children and over 15,000 parents, caregivers and educators.

Quest Curriculum

  • 8 Levels
  • Coaching By CyberSafeKids Trainer
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    The Online Basics

    Getting to grip with the fundamentals

  • Level 02

    Tackling Cyberbullying

    Understanding the what, where and why of bullying online, and how to handle it

  • Level 03

    Keeping it Positive Online

    Embracing the benefits of being online

  • Level 04

    Risks of Online Life

    Identifying and avoiding potential harms

  • Level 05

    Game On!

    Digging into a multi-billion dollar industry

  • Level 06

    Becoming Digitally Literate

    Reading between the lines...

  • Level 07

    Learn More

    Thinking about the next steps

  • Level 08

    Bonus: Cybersecurity

    Keeping yourself secure online

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Success Stories

  • Tom, 6th Class Teacher

    “This is a first class resource"

    "“This is a first class resource to help teachers embed good digital citizenship in classrooms. It is very detailed and informative, and the interactive activities are engaging and relevant. It covers the key areas important in learning the fundamentals of digital literacy.”"

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